Filecoins FIL Early Investors Made 100x, Will Seesaw Protocols SSW Presale Break Records?

Despite the coin’s origins, the project reportedly sold out its NFT collection in a flash. I think that’s what they call a ‘wet dream,’ Paul; I had one about Greta Thunberg in a lifeboat. But, seriously, Joe Bastardi has been on about water vapour for years…especially since most warming has occurred around the poles.

More wet snow today, then sleety rain with a slow thaw, but we’ve had snow lying here for 2 weeks and my seedbeds/pots are still frozen. GFS, Norwegian and our local forecasts going for a cold weekend, with the last suggesting severe double-figure frosts in excess of -15C for our area. Tony, ECM suggests cold dropping seesaw protocol token south again and then a cyclonic flow from the east later this week turning it very cold! This would possibly mean widespread snow showers from the East initially. I woukd put that scenario at 60% and something less cold at 40% for much of England. Scotland will defo be very cold i reckon whatever happens.

  • Strong NW’ly winds forecast, at last we’re going to get some real cold, for a day anyway.
  • 11˚ at 7.30, mild & cloudy with a fresh SW’ly wind, rain threatening by midday but not coming to very much, radar showed it was quite close to us in the south but it never reached us, apart from some light stuff.
  • A CoinDesk article even states that a token created after the tweet rose over 285,000% in value in just a few hours.
  • In Nov/early Dec standard models were quite good at predicted the direction of the PM air, but since then the direct northerly component has been overestimated and the actuality is more westerly.
  • For those that would like an old-fashioned coverage of the major issues in meteorology at about 1st year undergraduate level, it is well worth reading.
  • The GWPF have called them out on this but the media coverage is only about the EA press release as always.

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Strong winds this morning, but not as bad as weather was forecast this afternoon in SE Cambs. Apart from some large twigs on the roads and one wonky panel that I’ve seen, not where near as bad as Feb 2017 storm. Few more windy days forecast but nothing overly concerning.

3˚C at 7.30, heavy overnight rain brought in on a strong N’ly wind, many large puddles in field, our duckpond almost overflowing, showers throughout the morning, sunny afternoon though with towering clouds, max temp 4˚, light showers in the evening, stars peeking through the clouds, 3˚ at 9pm. Monday 25th ice left over snow and frost making for dodgy roads -4/-5 some lovely sunny spells and cirrus clouds very cold despite sun, a slight thaw but underestimated by how much and went walking after lunch and roads in places were really bad had to women up and keep on walking. Frost at first but later in the night scattered outbreaks of rain. Tuesday milder as the day progressed showers off n on. Foggy this morning rain was forecast for late morning but followed my intuition and went on for the walk it remained cloudy but rain did not come till after lunch.

Due to have another bout of snow down to similar altitudes next Tuesday. Nothing really radical in all this, it doesn’t happen every year but it’s by no means a rare event. An SSW has apparently started, rather early for the winter season.

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It was sad when even my parish council was due to discuss the imaginary ‘climate crisis’. If only all the money wasted on global warming had been spent in preparation for something like this we would not be having the current panic. My director this week suggested this situation might last for a year! Having decided not to test properly the government is clueless as to numbers and why weren’t spaces commandeered as emergency treatment centres earlier to keep virus cases away from hospitals. At least the food panic seems to be easing although my local farm shop is fully stocked.

Seesaw Protocol (SSW) is not a scam

6˚C at 7.30 and throughout the day again, about the same amount of rain as yesterday, some of it heavy, SE’ly wind all day, ground saturated. 6˚C at 7.30, lashing with rain in the obligate SE’ly wind which strengthened considerably in the afternoon, pulses of heavy rain throughout the day, ever more water and not much change in sight, 7˚ by 8pm. Every year is the same mild winter it’s a fact our winters in uk are getting Warmer. No sustained cold as the this happens every year it’s another mild winter plus I can’t see any prolonged cold spell beastly either on the horizon. It’s a real shame as frost and ice is a rare UK just don’t get winters like before and that’s been proven over the past years.

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Well freezing very snowy north east usa…..mild dull here in uk …..really think its like I said when east usa bad we are mild …..becoming boring these no event winters …..and even I’m starting to wain at the idea of a mini lia……. Hi Fred, looks cold wet and windy on the only model i have used and trusted slightly over the Years hope i am wrong! Thanks Fred, Merry Christmas🎅 Hope we do get a snowy spell between Christmas and New Year. Should know for sure by Tuesday, i would have thought. On our little island so much can change weatherwise in a few days.

7˚C at 7.30, overcast with a light wind from a generally W’ly direction, some warm sunshine early afternoon with a max temp of 12˚, a beefy shower around 4pm, moon peeking through the clouds by evening, 7˚ at 9pm. 6˚C at 7.30, cloudy with a light W’ly wind but gradually brightening up to leave us with a sunny day with a max temp of 11˚, clear at the end of the day but then hazing over again, the moon visible through a veil, 4˚ at 8.30pm. 9˚C at 7.30, cloudy with a SW’ly wind that beefed up towards evening, fairly sunny for most of the day though with a max temp of 12˚, clouding over by evening, 8˚ at 9pm and still quite windy. Yesterday we managed 17.8..on a sunny day so we need to produce more co2 to keep the temps up to a nice 20C.but the sun still burns and burns good and you can feel it burning.but its a different burning to standing by the fire,a penetrating burn.not good. 2˚C at 7.30, very light W’ly wind, somewhat cloudy morning followed by a bright afternoon with a max temp of 6˚, really clear evening and very still, temp 0˚ at 8pm, could be our first night of real frost.

Seesaw Protocol (SSW) is not a scam

3˚C at 7.30, light rain in a fresh N’ly wind, drying during the morning with the wind strengthening and making it feel sharply cold. Occasional spells of sunshine, more cloud as darkness began to fall, followed by intermittent rain or snow showers, 1˚ at 8pm, so we might awaken to white tomorrow morning. 5˚C at 7.30, quite bright & dry with a light SW’ly wind, reasonably sunny morning but clouding over in the afternoon, temps rising during the day and reaching 9˚ at 10.30pm, stronger wind from the S. 4˚C at 7.30, Vimtogrope said we were going to be overcast all day but it turned out very sunny and mild with a max temp of 8˚, only cloudy from time to time with a light wind varying from SW to NW, still 6˚ at 9.30pm.

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Net, don’t hold your hopes out for meaningful cooling anytime soon, barring major volcanic activity. Michael, I also seem to remember the same dire warnings about snow becoming a thing of the past by global warming enthusiasts. I seem to remember some saying the same thing much earlier as well. They still don’t seem to grasp what Piers and others are saying about the climate been dictated by the sun.

0˚C overnight, 3˚ at 7.30, light frost in parts, strong & cold S’ly wind from the start but also clear blue sky all day after being a bit cloudy early on, max temp 12˚, hot when working in shelter, 5˚ at 8.30pm. Our son spotted sand martins flying over the river today. 5˚C at 7.30, overcast with frequent showers in a biting N’ly wind that kept going all day, some short hail showers after midday, max temp 8˚, some sunshine from mid afternoon onwards with continuing light showers, 5˚ at 8pm. Still flocks of fieldfares flying around, saw a first whitethroat yesterday. 14˚C at 7.30, cloudy with a fresh NW’ly wind & some stronger gusts, haven’t had that for a while.

Seesaw Protocol (SSW) is not a scam

Mammoth Mountain ski area in California reports that it will open up for business next Friday, the last in October, following this weekend’s storm which brought 1-2ft of fresh snow after two smaller falls and cold nights allowed snowmaking. Will be interesting to see the levels of Lakes Shasta, Trinity and Oroville in about a week’s time when all the run-off from the weekend’s atmospheric river has reached the major reservoirs in Northern California. We got our warm week up to 23 during the day and down to 15/17 at night except when the blankets were pulled off then down to 9/10. Interesting to see there are more finally admitting that its water vapour thats holding the heat,so with a little bit more time we may cease hearing its co2,wont hold my breath tho,the hole they dug is deep. 4˚C at 7.30, clear as a bell but only a touch of grass frost in sheltered corners, sunny all day with a max of 7˚, light W’ly wind, glorious end to the day, starry sky, 2˚ at 8pm, frost on car roof.

At 3.30 it is a warm 80F on my patio with a brief burst of summer that looks set to run to midweek. Not showing any sign of rain on wunderground 10 day ahead and it has been a while since we had some. Could do with a freshen up again.Lots of hawthorn berries.

Or pasting the relevant bits of the Autumn forecast which was advertised recently. One would hardly call this morning Spring ,more Autumn,10deg here, 11 at the airport 14 in town.clear sky above and a semi halo of fog along the foot of the ranges and up into the higher country. Is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows you to trade crypto and other assets.

Can Seesaw Protocol (SSW) solve Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain’s (BNB) congestion issues

Still our spell of fine weather persists down to 10 this morning after 24 the co2 effect just isnt working greta.someone ought to tell her.the usa is a bit snowed under.esp NY and CAL had feet of snow. Maybe they hogging the snow you guys ought to be least down here folks are realizing that its all the concrete in towns whats heating up not out of town.but no squeaks in any media about cold anywhere just conspired colective silence. No ‘snowmageddon’ yet in m y part of Perthshire and though it started as wet flakes this morning it turned to heavier rain during the day.

Filecoin’s (FIL) Early Investors Made 100x, Will Seesaw Protocol’s (SSW) Presale Break Records?

Only political imbeciles like Carney, Miliband and JC really believed the codswallop. Johnson might be a different kind of fish, after all he sacked all the Climate Envoys when he was Foreign Secretary. And he got rid of that O’Neill woman who would have signed the UK up to all kinds of nonsense at COP26 in Glasgow this November. But loading up on cheapish Oil Major shares paying 7% dividends still sounds like a good idea to me. They’ll still be around when TESLA has burned through all the money it has borrowed. Claude, I don’t think the CFC stuff invalidates Ozone depletion causing extra UV penetration.

Temps down to 13 o/n and i see the outlook for xmas is showers and cool so no beaches xmas day .good i say. Rhys I never said it snow regularly of the winter in SE, but if you read what I am saying past few years easterly winds where cold and does favour London / SE however not anymore as it’s harder for snow to fall there due to climate change or other factors. It’s a marginal affair this proves or what’s coming up for Xmas in fact was same for winter last year.

Are Crypto-Related Frauds Prevalent Because Crypto Is Confusing? Bryan Oglesby Thinks So

Yes Ron, i refuse to have a cold house now, i probably go over the top. I would imagine 5-10 cm quite widely for the eastern side of England come Tuesday. More for the usual elavated areas and some places that get more frequent showers.Thst is based on previous set ups like this.

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